" The Power of Maturity
combined with the
Inspiration of Youth"

It's all about
Writing History.

IKAR is a destination where global leaders from all sectors of life come together with a coordinated passion and purpose. The common thread is each individual’s desire to use their respective experience, insight, access, and resources to contribute to something bigger than themselves. The essence of IKAR is to use business as a bridge to unify humanity regardless of geographic location, ideology, identity, or socioeconomic status. The IKAR mission is to accelerate wealth creation and prosperity in balance with driving sustainable economic opportunity, significant positive impact, democratized prosperity, and innovation into the future.

IKAR is a novel entrepreneurial investment vehicle that harnesses these forces for all of the various enterprises we invest in, buy, build, and/or make better. The IKAR style is to infuse our team’s extreme sense of entrepreneurial creativity and disciplined agility to each endeavor we undertake. We also utilize our broad industry knowledge and experience to enhance the structure, operations, corporate development, and governance of our holdings. To ensure the success of our mission, we value and enforce discipline and efficiency across the IKAR ecosystem through the utilization of military-style performance, accountability, and leadership tools.

From its origins, IKAR has believed that success can be achieved through the convergence and integration of the world’s top leadership, thought-leaders, and global influencers who reflect the major forces of society- military, government, politics, industry, finance, capital, media, sports, entertainment, arts, technology, and science- both old school and new. We saw unlimited potential if these powerful forces could be led by entrepreneurial boldness combined with military-infused discipline and precision.