"The World's First

Message from the

Dear Future Partner,

The birth of IKAR is a result of three decades of entrepreneurship in various industries capitalizing on my experience, knowledge, previous challenges and global network. This new journey is destined to become a game changer fit for the new world we live in.

The essence of my vision was to use business as a bridge to unify humanity regardless of geographic location, ideology, identity, or socioeconomic status. My mission was to accelerate wealth creation and prosperity in balance with driving sustainable economic opportunity, significant positive impact, democratized prosperity, and innovation into the future.

From its origins, I believed that success can be achieved through the convergence and integration of the world’s top leadership and thought-leaders who reflect the major forces of society. I saw unlimited potential if these powerful forces could be led by entrepreneurial boldness combined with discipline and precision.

I always believed from the beginning that the Human Capital will be the leading asset of our group and as a result I created IKAR as the Worlds First HUMICORN™  in business!

As the vision of the HUMICORN™ holds 100% of my trust and my utter faith in its complete success, I wanted to make sure that it is carried through the next generations ahead. Which led me to found the IKAR Global Institute as a non for profit organization with a primary focus on the “1 Million Future Leaders” movement.

I want to welcome everybody to join me on this exiting journey, whether as my partner, as co-investor in our cluster holdings, cooperation partner, client or future partner in specific investments.

Permit me now to introduce you to the ecosystem of IKAR!

Mario Diel

Founding Chairman, IKAR Holdings