Hartmut Riester

Hartmut Riester, the former regional CEO of DENTSU, joined IKAR Group, to lead their global Agency.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — IKAR Holdings, a London based entrepreneurial investment group has appointed today Hartmut Riester as the CEO of its newly established global agency, IKONIC A, London!

IKONIC A will serve as the advertisement and agency enterprise serving the entire IKAR Group but working for global clients as well.

IKONIC A is intending to be a game changer in the industry, with a global focus and will unite emerging and matured markets.

The company will create partnerships and equity investments into promising agencies and will support them to get an international access and reach.

IKONIC A is especially interested in co-operations / investments in Africa and Asia.

“After three decades in the corporate world, I am very excited to start a new chapter in my business career. I am thrilled to lead IKONIC A and bring in my experience and knowledge. IKONIC A will have a very entrepreneurial approach and will act more as a general contractor and investor than a classical agency / advertisement company. Embedded in the IKAR Group and its global reach I am sure that IKONIC A will play an important role in the upcoming years”, stated Hartmut Riester, CEO IKONIC A.

“ I know Hartmut for many years, foremost as a close friend. Given the huge goals of IKAR it was obvious for me to have our own in-house agency and advertisement company. In addition I see enormous business potentials due to the changes in the global agency and advertisement market. I am very happy that Hartmut accepted my invitation an to run our new entity!”, said Mario Diel, Chairman and Founder, IKAR Holdings, London

About IKAR

IKAR is a London-based global ecosystem consisting of a multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment house focused on investments, M&A, Joint-Ventures, and the creation of new entities and assets across different sector groups. IKAR also owns a service group and in-house business incubator.

Since its incorporation, IKAR has forged a matrix of over 25+ companies as well as the establishment of its own business think tank the “IKAR Global Institute” in Vienna.

In addition, in summer 2021 the IKAR Global Institute launched maybe one of the world’s largest Human Capital impact initiatives, the “1Million Future Leaders Initiative

IKAR is furthermore the Worlds First HUMICORN in business

Aaruni Kumar
IKAR Holdings

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