Ikar Clusters


IKAR Business Clusters

IKAR Invesco

IKAR Invesco is the investment holding structure supporting the financial requisites across the entire IKAR Group. The existing portfolio of companies will create complementary co-investment opportunities for IKAR. In addition, it is a specialized promoter of equity and debt instruments to fund attractive investment projects across multiple sectors.IKAR Invesco holds following clusters: IKAR Industries, IKAR Global, IKAR Impact, and Adelfi Ventures.

IKAR Industries

IKAR Industries is the majority shareholder and the primary partner of the various IKAR partially or wholly owned companies. Accordingly, the sought-after extraordinary valuation multiples shall be derived from direct administrative and operational responsibilities in line with IKAR’s corporate culture, investment thesis, and future development strategy. IKAR Industries focused sector entities are: IKAR Real Assets, IKAR Tech, IKAR Sports, IKAR Entertainment, IKAR Science and IKAR Energy.

IKAR Global

IKAR Global is a London-based Limited company founded in 2021 to house emerging industries quickly shaping today’s society. From humanity’s pursuit into space; to the utilization of new forms of currency and security; to combatting climate change. IKAR Global has its grasp on the forces that are forging our future society’s foundation. In addition, IKAR Global is the destination for some of the world’s thought-leaders who envision the problems that will come in the future and the solutions we can create today. We also seek to share this insight and knowledge throughout the corporate world and with governments and institutions to help elevate their efforts. IKAR Global focused sector entities are: IKAR Global Cyber, IKAR Global Space, IKAR Global Capital, IKAR Global AI, IKAR Global Human and IKAR Global Advise.

IKAR Impact

IKAR Impact Limited was established as an impact Holding to create solutions to some of the most pressing global problems following the United Nations foundation of Global Compact. IKAR Impact aims to invest in founders, enterprises, projects and products that provide a sustainable game-changing impact on society and human beings. IKAR Impact focused sector entities are : IKAR Good Finance, IKAR Health,IKAR Business School, IKAR Hera, IKAR Green and IKAR Smart.

Adelfi Ventures

Adelfi Ventures Limited, founded in 2022, is a unique service provider to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. It combines valuable advantages from the cumulative experience and business know-how of IKAR’s ecosystem with significant benefits from their global business networks, operational competencies and investor outreach. Adelfi Ventures will be a leading game-changer Angel Investor and Early-stage VC, providing a wide range of Incubator and Accelerator services supplemented by practical education, training and mentoring programs. In addition, Adelfi Ventures acts as an incubator by creating industry-changing companies. Adelfi Ventures current portfolio includes: IKONIC A, IDESUS, NEXX5 and Angora A.S.