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IKAR Global Ltd is a London-based Ltd founded in 2021 to house emerging industries that are quickly shaping today’s society. From humanity’s pursuit into space; the utilization of new forms of currency and security; to combatting climate change, IKAR Global has its grasp on the forces which are forging the foundation of our future society.

In addition, IKAR Global is the destination for some of the world’s thought-leaders who are envisioning the problems that will come in the future and the solutions we can create today. We also seek to share this insight and knowledge throughout the corporate world as well as with governments and institutions to help elevate their efforts.

IKAR Global holds and directs the following groups:

IKAR Global Cosmos

IKAR Global Green

IKAR Global Cyber

IKAR Global Capital

Executive Board


Chairman, IKAR Global

4-Star USMC General (ret).Former Combatant Commander for United States Africa Command, responsible for all United States military engagements and operations across the African continent.


Chairman, IKAR Global Cyber

Former Global advisor, for the office of Joint chief of staff on international affairs.Former Deputy Director of Global Policy and partnerships for the Office of Joints Chiefs of Staff. Retired US Army 2-Star Major General.


IKAR Global Cosmos

Brigadier General USMC (ret).As a U.S. Marine Corps led multifunctional highly complex organizations, developing significant advanced & executive level expertise in logistics, city management, construction planning and management, strategic communication, enterprise recruiting, resource management, strategic planning and innovation. Senior Vice President for Global Fixed Assets and Corporate Security at PenFed Credit Union.