“IKAR Holdings, is launching IKAR Hera Limited, a new investment house galvanizing female leadership and ownership”

Mario Diel, Founder  IKAR Holdings

Seanne N. Murray , CEO IKAR HERA

Esra Vesu Ozcelik , COO IKAR HERA

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, IKAR Holdings announces the launch of IKAR Hera, Ltd., a London based entrepreneurial investment house and development firm that utilizes the international power of IKAR in combination with the acumen of female leaders to increase the probability of success in category defining businesses.

Under the leadership of African American entrepreneur, futurist and Motown legacy, Seanne N. Murray, as Chief Executive Officer, and British-Turkish producer, director, and award-winning film maker, Esra Vesu Ozcelik, as Chief Operating Officer, the new enterprise aims to lead the world in prioritizing female incorporation in all businesses to achieve and validate higher returns, growth, innovation, and impact.

IKAR Hera will galvanize female leadership and ownership and elevate prosperity by investing in and developing companies across all industry sectors.

The launch of IKAR Hera is a notable example of IKAR’s unique and innovative approach to business, challenging traditional models that fail to focus on performance with purpose.

“IKAR dares to say yes in the face of no! IKAR Hera represents a significant step as we seek to drive returns, capitalize on unconventional opportunities, and achieve international distinction as a female operated investment house. Moreover, we can validate the fact that women deliver higher returns, grow enterprises faster and are more likely to innovate as verified by Harvard Business School, MIT, and numerous consulting firms”, said Seanne N. Murray, CEO IKAR Hera Limited.

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to invest in a variety of business models through IKAR Hera to reflect the power of incorporating women into existing businesses while also representing our core values of achievement, outperformance, prosperity and legacy. It’s an honor to advance the power of women in business worldwide,” stated Esra Ozcelik, COO IKAR Hera Limited.

IKAR Hera already has an exciting pipeline of investment targets including social impact banks, sports teams, and content distribution companies, along with cutting-edge development projects and partnerships with entertainment and sports legends all of which reflect the powerful DNA of the company.

“For us diversification is not a trend or just a new business opportunity. We believe in what we are doing because we have the serious intention to change the world for the betterment. Being the first HUMICORN in the business world means that the next generation of successful businesses would need to shift the thinking, and balance wealth creation with the responsibility to elevate the world. With the creation of IKAR Hera we will leverage the power of women across all business industries and I am proud to have such a powerful leadership team in place”, said Mario Diel, Chairman and Founder of IKAR Holdings.

IKAR Hera will have further representations in New York and Los Angeles with focus on the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and seeks to enable and support the business opportunities and contributions of women worldwide.

About IKAR Hera, Ltd.

IKAR Hera is a London-based global investment and development firm that utilizes the international power of IKAR in combination with the acumen of women to increase the probability of success in category defining businesses by leading the world in prioritizing female incorporation in all business to achieve higher returns, growth, and impact.

IKAR Hera elevates prosperity by galvanizing female leadership and ownership in all business enterprises worldwide.

About IKAR Holdings

IKAR is a London-based global ecosystem consisting of a multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment house focused on investments, M&A, Joint-Ventures, and the creation of new entities and assets across different sector groups.

IKAR also owns a service group and in-house business incubator.

Since its incorporation, IKAR has forged a matrix of over 25+ companies as well as the establishment of its own business think tank, the IKAR Global Institute, based in Vienna

IKAR is the world’s first HUMICORN in the business industry

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