The World's
First Humicorn™

The World's First Humicorn™

IKAR has defined a new level for prized success,“The HUMICORN™” , combining strong financial performance with positive socio-economic impact.

The HUMICORN™ is a unicorn company driven by impactful human interactions and valuable professional expertise, built on seven basic pillars serving as a value metric for measurable social investing globally.

The HUMICORN™ uses business and wealth creation   not as the only endgame, but as fuel to efficiently  achieve the more rewarding ultimate mission of   elevating the wellbeing of societies worldwide.

The HUMICORN™ draws on the most important capital  in today’s world – Human Capital – and goes beyond relying solely on science and technology to motivate decision makers and overcome problems.

The HUMICORN™ dedicates financial tools to further develop the immense creativity and potential of people from all ethnic origins, gender, race, backgrounds, etc. as leaders of societies and businesses into the future.

Introduction to IKAR HOLDINGS

IKAR Holdings, is the mothership structure that manages the whole IKAR group of companies and leads the coordination, development and growth strategies of the various enterprises, investments, services, innovations and support activities. IKAR Holdings ensures that the mission, vision, and essence of the IKAR culture remain on track throughout the activities of the 4 foundation clusters:
  • IKAR Global Capital
  • IKAR Industries
  • IKAR Global Advise
  • IKAR Human

IKAR Holdings is defined as the “World’s first HUMICORN” evidenced by the group’s outreach to the youth via IKAR Global Institute and the launch of unique initiatives such as  #1Million Future Leaders; #The Humicorn Club; and #The Impact Foundation.


IKAR Industries is the majority shareholder and the primary partner of the various IKAR partially or wholly owned companies. The sought after extraordinary valuation multiples shall be derived from direct administrative and operational responsibilities in line with IKAR’s corporate culture, investment thesis, and future development strategy.

IKAR Global Capital is the investment funding structure supporting the financial requisites of operating companies owned by IKAR Industries; or creating complementary co-investment opportunities for IKAR. It is a specialized promoter of equity and debt instruments to fund attractive investment projects across multiple sectors.

IKAR Global Advise is the provider of strategic, financial, managerial, and operational consultancy services productively leveraging IKAR’s valuable ecosystem of experienced leaders and business networks for unique insights on best practices and leading-edge technologies to protect clients, assets, information and capital resources.

IKAR Human is the people’s development arm of the Humicorn reinforcing the importance of innovative Incubation & Acceleration support especially to the youth via professional Business and Entrepreneurship Education; Hands-on Practical Mentorship; Focused Skills Training, and other important components of  building successful unicorn companies.