"The Power of
Maturity Combined
with the Inspiration of Youth"

A Multi-tiered Entrepreneurial Investment Group

IKAR Holdings, is the mothership structure that manages the whole IKAR group of companies and leads the coordination, development and growth strategies of the various enterprises, investments, services, innovations and support activities.

IKAR Holdings will be a novel multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment vehicle that harnesses its unique set up for all of the various enterprises we will manage, enhance, own, and/or create. The IKAR style is to infuse our team’s extreme sense of entrepreneurial creativity to each endeavor we undertake. IKAR also will utilize our broad industry knowledge and experience to enhance the corporate development of our holdings. To ensure the success of our mission, we enforce discipline and efficiency within and throughout the IKAR eco-system.

IKAR Holdings ensures that the mission, vision, and essence of the IKAR culture remain on track throughout the activities of the 5 foundation clusters:

  • IKAR Invesco
  • IKAR Industries
  • IKAR Global
  • IKAR Impact
  • Adelfi Ventures
IKAR Holdings is considered the “World’s first HUMICORN™” as evidenced by the group’s interest in the development of both human and financial capital.