IKAR Global Institute is a business think-tank established in Vienna (Austria) as a not-for-profit NGO dedicated to empowering young talents around the world.

Our aim is to upscale business leadership and entrepreneurial education by facilitating accessibility to practical training and professional mentoring as a gateway to societal betterment.

We are focused on providing effective assistance to upcoming young leaders by practically complementing traditional education, and facilitating access to required resources by equipping them with valuable tools needed to succeed in the increasingly competitive business environment.

The Institute aims at promoting the betterment of multi-layered enterprise health and the all-important human experience with initiatives such as the #1 Million Future Leaders; #The Humicorn Club; and #The Impact Foundation, that empower the next generation of global leaders and create valuable socio-economic impact.

Our primarily objective is to built a vibrant community, provide thought leadership, and promote new opportunities for the thinkers, doers, and innovators from all walks of life while efficiently building the economies and societies of the future while focusing on 4 topics: Beyond Earth; Raising Unicorns; Future of Finance and Smart Society.

In addition to a prominent ecosystem of Mentorship Board and Cluster Ambassadors comprising of remarkable individuals from different backgrounds and multiple industries, the Institute’s leadership includes: – Mario Diel, Founding Humicorn, Serial Entrepreneur, Global Citizen,Founder of IKAR Holdings UK – H.E. Michael Spindelegger, Chairman, Former Vice Chancellor, Finance Minister and Foreign Minister of Austria – Fadi Saab, Chairman Board of Patrons, Founder & Chairman of Trans Capital Finance, Chairman of IKAR Holdings – Arlin Cilingiroglu, Managing Director, Experienced Banker & Wealth Manager, Background in Entrepreneurship & NGO projects.

Email: info@ikar-institute.org

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