“IKAR raises 70 Million Euro from entrepreneur and multiple investor, Boris Verhey”

Mario Diel, Chairman and Founder IKAR and Boris Verhey 

IKAR a London –based multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment house raised 70 Million Euro, from its first strategic investor, Boris Verhey.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — At a mutually hold press conference the parties signed a final agreement, which stipulated the details of the new partnership and the investment into the entire IKAR Group.

“I am thrilled and excited being the first strategic investor in this global powerhouse. From the first moment I understood that IKAR is a unique ecosystem where leaders from all sectors of life come together with a coordinated passion and purpose. This creates unlimited potentials and will accelerate wealth creation and prosperity in balance with driving sustainable economic opportunity, significant positive impact, democratized prosperity, and innovation into the future”, stated entrepreneur Boris Verhey.

The parties will utilize IKAR’s geopolitical reach and influence with distinguished and seasoned C-level executives, finance experts, entrepreneurs, and military leaders to drive opportunities for their investments and manage their holdings with industry insight and strict performance and accountability metrics.

IKAR’s global impact initiatives will align them with ESG / impact sources of capital and fulfill ESG investment requirements.

The mutual aim of the new partners is to unite their purpose to drive premium returns, mitigate risk, capitalize on unique opportunities, and build value and growth for everything they invest in, buy, build, and / or make better. 

“I am thankful, happy and excited to have Boris on board. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor who understood the mission and potential of IKAR from the first minute we met. I created IKAR as a game-changer and disruptor based on the core realization that the next generation of successful businesses would need to shift their thinking, and balance wealth creation with the responsibility to elevate the world. My initiative was to solve this problem. Our answer is the World’s first HUMICORN – IKAR!”, said Mario Diel, Chairman and Founder, IKAR Holdings, London.

About IKAR

IKAR is a London-based global ecosystem consisting of a multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment house focused on investments, M&A, Joint-Ventures, and the creation of new entities and assets across different sector groups. IKAR also owns a service group and in-house business incubator.

Since its incorporation, IKAR has forged a matrix of over 25+ companies as well as the establishment of its own business think tank the “IKAR Global Institute” in Vienna. 

In addition, in summer 2021 the IKAR Global Institute launched maybe one of the world’s largest Human Capital impact initiatives, the “1Million Future Leaders Initiative”!

Aaruni Kumar
IKAR Holdings

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