Vision 2050
and Beyond

Vision 2050 ...And Beyond

  • IKAR Holdings is a UK based multidimensional group standing on 3 solid foundations of clusters specialized in Capital Growth; Human Development; and Operational Enhancement, with a current portfolio of more than 20 operating companies in various business sectors, distinctively interlinked to a not-for-profit NGO established in Vienna.
  • Our international activities are managed by diverse professional teams relying on their internal wealth of subject-matter expertise, that is further augmented by the group’s external outreach to global Business Leaders; Captains of Industry; and Prominent Personalities from all walks of life.
  • IKAR Holdings continues to benchmark against best-in-class references but remains ahead of the pack as the world’s First “Humicorn”; a unique entrepreneurial investment group and business think-tank focused on supporting talented youth not only by providing tangible resources & tools, but more importantly by giving access to practical experience & wisdom.
  • IKAR Holdings distinguishing factor is the ability to practically transform bold ideas and innovative visions for  the future into successful life changing businesses aimed at the quality-of-life betterment for individual young leaders and for an overall positive impact on societies at large.
  • The “1 Million Future Leaders” initiative launched by IKAR Global Institute is a practical example where the determined efforts of IKAR Human, IKAR Global Advise, IKAR Global Capital, and IKAR Industries confirm the group’s alignment to become a leading game changer in financial services, entrepreneurial empowerment, and sustainable impact.
  • By 2050, this forward moving momentum of IKAR Holdings will certainly surpass the founder’s initial dreams and remain a lasting beacon for the dedication of smart investment banking capabilities to precious social progress outcomes – where success is not measured by financial rewards alone  but rather by the resulting value-added to human beings.

The Journey to Success

  • IKAR Global Capital closes landmark transactions & crosses significant AUM.
  • IKAR Global Advise to perform a multitude of consulting contracts in support of leading international corporations.
  • IKAR Human to empower thousands of future leaders.

  • IKAR Industries will successfully invest in a variety of projects meeting its strict acceptance criteria for high multipliers of socio-economic impact.
  • IKAR Global Institute will  own multiple global business schools and promote numerous Entrepreneurship centers in collaboration with major business universities.

  • IKAR family of companies to be prime leaders in their respective sectors with value-added contributions to all associated stakeholders and partners.
  • IKAR global ecosystem to drive tangible productivity advantages from   operating its leading youth HR organization based on the “1 Million Future Leader” initiative.

IKAR Holdings to achieve its ‘Financial’ objectives of profitability allocating billions of AUM, and its ‘Human’ target of effectively promoting projects that support, educate and empower millions of future leaders, both as individuals, and with the additional cumulative positive impact on the masses in societies worldwide.