“Legendary US Tech Investors, Dennis Lee and Rex Wong, joining IKAR Holdings”

Dennis Lee and Rex Wong

IKAR Holdings, a London based global Investment House appointed legendary US TECH Investors, Dennis Lee and Rex Wong, to their Board of Directors.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — IKAR Holdings, a London –based global entrepreneurial Investment House appointed legendary US TECH Investors, Dennis Lee and Rex Wong, to their Board of Directors.

Both gentlemen will Chair the Technology and NextGen Committee at IKAR Holdings, which is the parent Holding of the entire IKAR Group.

Dennis Lee is Co-Founder and CEO of 1of1 Custom, a bespoke professional audio company. As CEO, Dennis has grown 1of1 Custom’s user base to include 50% of the worlds’ top musicians and brands, including Zedd, Steve Aoki, Marshmello, The Recording Academy and NASCAR.

Mr. Lee is the Chief Business Officer of FameCast, a Creator incubation platform. He is responsible for facilitating FameCast’s celebrity partnerships and platform revenue.

Previously he was the CEO of Healthware Technologies, a data-ingesting AI company, where Mr. Lee contributed to reducing the impact and dependencies on America’s healthcare system with its emphasis on chronic pain. Healthware’s clients included Premera Blue Cross, Amazon and Boeing. Mr. Lee led Healthware through first product, revenue, and eventual acquisition exit to ACOVA Health.

“I am excited being appointed as the Chair of the Tech and NextGen Committee at IKAR. Most fascinated me the HUMICORN approach as I very much agree with the Founder of IKAR, that the HUMAN Capital is the most valuable capital an enterprise has. The global reach of IKAR combined with an incredible amount of talented people is very unique and will create for us enormous investment opportunities in the technology industry”, stated Dennis Lee.

Rex Wong is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience on the Internet, technology, media and software industries. Rex is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of Famecast Media, an all-in-one technology and branding platform for Creators, and the Co-Founder of iVideoSmart, a global Internet TV network with over 500 million addressable users.

Previously, Rex was the CEO of uCast (previously known as Qello), an OTT Video Platform technology provider, CEO of Qello, the “Netflix of Music Concerts” with over 700K music lover subscribers.

He was the CEO & Co-Founder of 8sian Media (acquired 2017), the leading Asian multi-channel network with over 5 billion online video views.

The Co-Founder & CEO of DAVE.TV (acquired 2008), one of the first IPTV platforms and Founding Investor of Applied Semantics (acquired by Google, 2003) that developed AdSense.

He was furthermore the CEO & Co-Founder of Einux (acquired 2003), a leading high performance computing server manufacturer, and Envision Computers (acquired 1998), a leading PC manufacturer.

Rex have founded and run multiple startups and achieved numerous successful exits creating shareholder value in excess of a billion dollars.

Rex’s companies have won numerous awards including Best of CES, Best of Internet World, Red Herring 100 and Always On 100.

“When the Founder of IKAR presented to me his vision I was immediately on board. His heart is the one of a real entrepreneur which is so similar with my own history. His vision to make IKAR one of the biggest Investment Houses on global scale but using the success to turn it into real impact for the betterment of the world is very much in line with my own thinking and doing. I am honored and pleased to chair this important committee but also looking for great investments”, said entrepreneur Rex Wong.

The Tech and NextGen committee is set up to help IKAR to get access to the best investment opportunities in the technology sector.

“What fascinates me always the most are successful entrepreneurs as they know how difficult but also how joyful it can be to achieve your business goals. Dennis and Rex are extraordinary entrepreneurs and successful investors. The knowledge and vision they have is just amazing and is in line with the overall concept of IKAR, to unite the most acknowledged global sectors leaders under one roof”, said Mario Diel, Chairman and Founder, IKAR Holdings, London.

About IKAR

IKAR is a London-based global ecosystem consisting of a multi-tiered entrepreneurial investment house focused on investments, M&A, Joint-Ventures, and the creation of new entities and assets across different sector groups.

IKAR also owns a service group and in-house business incubator.

Since its incorporation, IKAR has forged a matrix of over 25+ companies as well as the establishment of its own business think tank the “IKAR Global Institute” in Vienna.

In addition, in summer 2021 the IKAR Global Institute launched maybe one of the world’s largest Human Capital impact initiatives, the “1Million Future Leaders Initiative”!

IKAR is the World’s First HUMICORN in business

Aaruni Kumar
IKAR Holdings

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