NEXX5 is utilizing its command of technology to develop novel business opportunities in the evolution of smart cities.  We are revamping century old cities to give them a smart city “facelift” and usher them into the 21st century. The first focus is in addressing the unmet needs in the 5G eco system.

NEXX5 was launched by IKAR-Industries. IKAR-Industries provides geo-political and strategic corporate access into our target nation markets.

NEXX5 is deeply positioned in the 5G eco system and is working with global thought-leaders that are ushering the roll out of 5G.

NEXX5 is evolving at a rapid pace. The initial concept was developed less than 3 months ago to today where we have:

•Currently in discussions with leadership from multiple Central European nations and their embedded telecom enterprises.

•Built a complete executive team along with members from the leading global tech companies in this sector.
•Entered a JV with a leading engineering and manufacturing company.

NEXX5 utilizes IKAR’s global reach to accelerate all aspects of corporate developments, business opportunities and investor networks.


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